Agents of the Italian Company FARO INTERNATIONAL SRL

FARO production covers all ecological chemicals for visual effects for shows.
In product range there are :

Smoke fluid 3 Type 3200 for medium high speed dispersion.
Smoke fluid 3 Type T.330 for medium slow dispersion
Smoke fluid 3 Type 3650 for very slow dispersion for outdoor use.

Fog effect liquid. Produces a light fog effect, which is nearly invisible
but emphasizes the chromatic effect of lights

Snow effect liquid. Product of high concentration- used diluted
in water 7-15%.Is used in any type of snow machine and produces
a heavy fall of snow in real flakes with quite astonishing effect.

Foam producing liquid . This product highly concentrated is used
to produce visual effects for shows where artists and audience are
dipped in the foam and are in direct contact with them.

Soap-bubble producing liquid. It's a special product biodegradable 90%,
non toxic, non irritant, if used in suitable machine, even without heating
produces millions of very light soap-bubbles

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